F1 2019 team-mate head-to-heads: What are the latest scores?

Slimming down, five to go. F1 2019 is quickly reaching its final stretch, meaning time is running out to establish superiority above their team-mates in a number of the critical battlegrounds for this period – .
F1 heads to Suzuka with increased concentrated on the struggle in Ferrari following the controversy of Sochi, together with Charles Leclerc looking to expand his qualifying superiority over Sebastian Vettel into an astounding 10 consecutive races.
Have a look at the numbers below – using a driver awarded a point for completing before their team-mate in qualifying and the race.
Qualifying: Hamilton 11-5 Bottas
Finest outcome: Hamilton 1st (x4), Bottas 1st (x4)
Hurry: Hamilton 12-4 Bottas
Best outcome: Hamilton 1st (x9), Bottas 1st (x2)
Factors: Hamilton 322-249 Bottas
Lewis Hamilton could be at least a couple more weeks from wrap up 2019s world tournament ahead of Valtteri Bottas, but hes settled the Mercedes qualifying and race head-to-heads with this particular year.
Though Mercedes might not have achieved a pole position for five races meaning that the team-mates remain tied on four rods apiece for 2019 – Hamilton hasnt been outqualified from Bottas in the four occasions since the summer break. In reality, the race-day mistake at Monza which dropped Hamilton to third behind the Finn symbolized the only time that he has not improved his championship lead within Bottas since late June.
Qualifying: Vettel 6-10 Leclerc
Very best outcome: Vettel 1st, Leclerc 1st (x6)
Race: Vettel 9-7 Leclerc
Best outcome: Vettel 1st, Leclerc 1st (x2)
Factors: Vettel 194-215 Leclerc
The biggest mid-season turn this season sees Charles Leclerc on track to become just the to outscore champion Sebastian Vettel over a complete F1 season. Having characterized since the rod in Canada of Vettel, Leclerc has turned into what had been a 1-6 Saturday shortage to Vettel to a 10-6 lead.
Leclerc is able to secure 2019 qualifyingsuccess . The 21-year-old has launched the previous four races on pole position and has procured a grid-best six. Vettel has finished ahead more often on race day, even though Leclerc has scored additional points, with all the Ferrari pit wall certainly kept busy over the radio using the motorists regularly running in close company.
Qualifying: Verstappen 3-1 Albon / Verstappen 11-1 Gasly
Best result: Verstappen 1st, Albon 6th, Gasly 4th
Hurry: Verstappen 2-2 Albon / Verstappen 11-1 Gasly
Best result: Verstappen 1st (x2), Albon 5th (x2), Gasly 4th
Factors: Verstappen 31-36 Albon (from Belgium) / Verstappen 181-63 Gasly (before Belgium)
Max Verstappen has directed all year to Red Bulls challenge, delivering their six podiums – like those two memorable victories in Germany and Austria. Alex Albon has turned into Pierre Gaslys seat as Belgium and made a good start to life in a top F1 team, together with four consecutive top-six race endings. After a catchy Spa and Monza, Verstappens final two results are fourth and third to keep him in the fight with the Ferraris for third in the Drivers Championship.
Grid penalties and then Albons Q1 crash in Russia implies Singapore is the only time that the new team-mates have attained Q3 together so much – and Verstappen qualified ahead by 0.6 minutes on a circuit Albon hadnt previously driven.
Qualifying: Sainz 7-9 Norris
Very best result: Sainz 6th (x2), Norris 5th
Hurry: Sainz 10-6 Norris
Finest result: Sainz 5th (x2), Norris 6th (x2)
Factors: Sainz 66-35 Norris
Youthful Carlos Sainz-Lando Norris venture and the fast has assisted energise McLaren in 2019 and the team-mates-turned-friends have been closely-matched on monitor all season. Norris has impressively led the Saturday score in the start in his eye-popping rookie campaign, however, Sainz closed to within two with all the sixth-fastest period in Sochi Q3.
While retirements and misfortune have sometimes skewed the race-day picture, costing them points, Sainzs greater expertise is telling a bit more with all the Spaniard already attaining more things than any other period in F1 and in the mix for sixth in the Drivers Championship.
Qualifying: Ricciardo 10-5 Hulkenberg*
Very best result: Hulkenberg 6th, Ricciardo 4th
Hurry: Ricciardo 7-7 Hulkenberg**
Very best outcome: Ricciardo 4th, Hulkenberg 5th
Points: Ricciardo 34-34 Hulkenberg
Even though Daniel Ricciardo is on the point of sealing this qualifying head-to-head for 2019, he is secured on issues together with Nico Hulkenberg in whats going to prove their sole season as Renault team-mates.
Ricciardo has Renaults highest qualifying and race results – fourth on the grid Canada and then fourth at the chequered flag at Monza – however Hulkenberg has finished in the points on three occasions, including all four races because learning he had lost his chair for 2020. Ricciardo did accommodate eighth in Singapore but was delivered to the back for a technical infringement, essentially ending what was a promising weekend to then.
* Ricciardo qualified ahead in Singapore therefore no score is awarded however his car was disqualified
**Both drivers didnt finish at Bahrain along with Germany, so no dents are granted
Qualifying: Kvyat 1-3 Gasly / Kvyat 7-5 Albon
Finest result: Kvyat 6th, Gasly 11th, Albon 9th
Hurry: Kvyat 2-2 Gasly / Kvyat 8-4 Albon
Best outcome: Kvyat 3rd, Gasly 8th, Albon 6th
Points: Kvyat 6-6 Gasly (from Belgium) / Kvyat 27-16 Albon (earlier Belgium)
Irrespective of who has been Daniil Kvyats team-mate at Toro Rosso this year, a competitive driver struggle has helped the group to what now stands as sixth position in the Constructors Championship.
Kvyat shaded Albon in qualifying, but the returning Gasly has narrowly had the upper hand over the Russian so far, although there is nothing to choose on points because the summer break. Needless to say, Kvyats podium finish from Germany is almost certain to remain as by far the standout consequence of Toro Rossos 2019.
Qualifying: Perez 15-1 Stroll
Very best outcome: Perez 5th, Stroll 9th
Race: Perez 11-5 Stroll
Very best outcome: Perez 6th (x2), Stroll 4th
Factors: Perez 33-19 Stroll
Sergio Perez had discovered himself behind Lance Stroll on things in the summer break, but a run of three top-seven endings in the four races because then has raised the Mexican back to more familiar territory at Orientation Point.
Though the qualifying head-to-head stays distinctly one-sided, Stroll has come to be a more of standard Q2 as the year has worn on and could almost definitely had added to his points drag at Monza had he not encountered Sebastian Vettel in the Ascari chicane.
Qualifying: Raikkonen 10-6 Giovinazzi
Best outcome: Raikkonen 5th, Giovinazzi 8th (x2)
Race: Raikkonen 13-3 Giovinazzi
Very best outcome: Raikkonen 7th (x3), Giovinazzi 9th
Points: Raikkonen 31-4 Giovinazzi
The overall season scores stay intensely in Kimi Raikkonens favour, however the in-house Alfa Romeo battle has closed up recently with Antonio Giovinazzi level pegging in qualifying, and also scoring the teams only points, since the August shutdown.
Still, the veteran Raikkonen has secured a whopping 89 percent of Alfa Romeos points in 2019 and their sole top-seven qualifying and race results.
Qualifying: Magnussen 10-6 Grosjean
Finest result: Magnussen 5th, Grosjean 6th (x2)
Hurry: Magnussen 8-7 Grosjean*
Best outcome: Magnussen 6th, Grosjean 7th
Points: Magnussen 20-8 Grosjean
When Haas qualified seventh and sixth in the Melbourne season-opener, it could have been hard to envisage the groups season would pan out just like that – with both Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean seldom featuring one of the Sunday points scorers since then.
Q3 appearances have not fully escaped the team – with both drivers featuring seven times – but the automobile race-day tyres battles have so often reversed that great work, with many costly crashes before in the year not helping matters at Haas. Nonetheless, its Magnussen who stays on track to complete the season.
Therefore no score is awarded * drivers failed to complete at Great Britain
Qualifying: Russell 16-0 Kubica
Best outcome: Russell 16th, Kubica 18th (x2)
Hurry: Russell 12-3 Kubica
Very best outcome: Russell 11th
Factors: Russell 0-1 Kubica
George Russell is still headed for 2019s only qualifying whitewash over his team-mate, Robert Kubica, underlining the consistent and impressive way he has gone on his rookie season despite Williams struggles for pace at the back of the field.
The Englishmans clear excellence has largely been repeated on race day also, even though it was Kubica who believed the teams only real point when post-race penalties shuffled the Pole to 10th in Germany. Russell was abandoned only out in 11th.

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