FC Barcelona: Prison not the answer for Catalonia leaders

FC Barcelona have condemned the prison sentences awarded to leaders of separatist leaders because of their roles in a 2017 liberty referendum that was banned.
Spain court sentenced Catalonia deputy leader on Monday to 13 years in prison. Another eight leaders, out of 12 online trial, were also found guilty of sedition and were imprisoned for between 2 and 13 decades.
Prison isnt the answer, but said a Barcelona announcement released on Monday.
The team played a La Liga game against Las Palmas behind closed doors at the Nou Camp due to protests in town over the liberty survey, which had been declared illegal from the authorities.
During the game, the scoreboard taken an image of a ballot box and also the termdemocracy onto it.
The team said it was wrongto stop citizens exercising their democratic right to free expression.
Gerard Pique, who plays for Spain and Barcelona, was one of those who voted at the survey.
On Monday he explained wasproud to become part of the team after the announcement which called for the battle in Catalonia to be resolvedsolely from political dialog.
In exactly the identical way in which the preventative prison sentence didnt help to solve the battle, neither will the prison sentence granted now, since prison is not the answer, the statement said.
Now more than ever the team asks all governmental leaders to direct a process of dialogue and discussion to solve this conflict, which should also allow for the launch of convicted civic and political leaders.
FC Barcelona also expresses all its support and solidarity to the families of people who are deprived of the freedom.
La Liga side Espanyol, also established in Barcelona, said theirrespect for judicial decisions but also called for public authoritiesto seek political and democratic solutions to asocial catastrophe.
Girona, who play Barcelona and compete in the Spanish second division, refused the judgment from the Spanish Supreme Court and reaffirmed their position asa guardian of freedom of expression and in favour of the right to determine.
The club said they werededicated to opening a procedure for dialogue and negotiation between all parties, even without limitations or terms.
The Catalan Football Federation said it would terminate all federal actions,in solidarity with condemned Native American politicians and societal actors and their families.
Soon after the judgment of Monday countless civil servants and pupils began protesting from the capital of Barcelona.
While civil servants gathered outside protests and some government buildings have been reported in other towns, protesters blocked streets.

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