Shane Warne celebrates 50th birthday as Steve Smith notches another half century

Shane Warne celebrates his 50th birthday by watching Steve Smith score a record 10th consecutive half century from England, but states the hosts are at the”box seat” in the fifth Ashes Test…
I drew up my half century today. Fifty years past.
I remember beginning my career, looking at men in the team that have been 28, 29 and thinking’geez, they’re older’.
But I’m very happy, I’m healthy, and I have seriously been dismissed with of the messages from individuals of support and love. So let you know It’s been quite nice.
I got a message that was gorgeous from Nasser Hussain. He said, ‘Get stuffed! Happy Birthday!’ That is nearly a term of endearment from Nass. Drinks are on him tonight!
I’ve been lucky. I like the broadcasting since I have retired, and that is still moving (touch wood). Iand I ‘ve also got some company ventures which are currently doing very well and three kids, respectively.
I’m also really excited about coaching in The Hundred year. I’m really happy with the way we’re currently moving at the minute.
I wasn’t the only one however, Steve Smith hitting a record half a century in a row against exactly the exact same 27, to achieve.
I can not recall an instance of a batsman being so dominant against a group – 751 runs from the collection! England have had no answer for him.
Whatever strategies they’ve come up with, they have not sustained them for long enough, could not execute them or even Smith has been too good.
If I was England captain, then I think the secret is hoping to convince him to hit the covers – drama off from his body.
You have to bowl complete at him, not too wide but enough that he is currently looking to reach the ball through the offside. Mix this up together with the strange ball, with a leg slip. That is what I would do.
In addition, I don’t think if he has walked outside to the middle, there has been enough good slower balls to Smith.
England are appropriate from the game though, as this wicket will turn big moment, particularly after Chris Woakes finally got out Smith. It is going to be difficult to bat.
It’s why I was surprised yesterday that Australia won the toss and decided to bowl.
In 2-1 up in the show, they gave off a bit of an edge, and also the gap between drawing the series 2-2 and winning 3-1 is massive. There’s so much to play for.
To have the urn back and retain the Ashes is great, but it will be tremendous for Australia to win the series. They have not done that here since 2001.
We performed in 2005, but England were just too good, and since – the 2009, 2013, 2015 excursions – we have been just crushed by England.
I hope because I believe they deserve to Australia can go on to win the show. They have been the side played the better cricket.
They will think they can. England are now in the box seat, but so long as Smith is still at the crease, it is very hard to say Australia won’t make a great deal of runs, they need to place Australia a score too.
It is the exact same thing we have been saying every Test match; they have a opportunity, when England could get him out.
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